četrtek, 29. november 2007

My presentation

This is my presentation for English class.

četrtek, 15. november 2007


This is photo of Ljubljana, the capital town of Slovenia.

Photo by phault

sobota, 10. november 2007

Spray paint artist

Hi. Because I like art I show you something about modern art....Spray paint artist

And The 1 Minute Painting:

ponedeljek, 05. november 2007

My favorite blog

I found blog which I like: http://www.artnewsblog.com/

I like this blog because I like art. I started to paint my own picture. I will make (I hope so) a picture with sand. I will use more different colours of sand. I also paint on a silk. I have a lot of kerchiefs at home. My mother is an educator. She initiated me to this. She gives arts and crafts classes at our school club. I help her create various things.

Look what do peole do with sand. Very interesting. Enjoy

torek, 16. oktober 2007

When did I start to use Internet?

When did I start? I don't know exactly. It could be in the year 2000, when I started going to the secondary school for the first time. At school we searched for different information on the Internet and for topic for writing projects. I didn't use the Internet otherwise. I got my first e-mail account when we bought the Internet at home in 2003.

The Internet is very interesting and very very useful. You don't have to go to library nowadays because everything can be found on the Internet. Nearly all young people use the Internet at school to search for information for homework and projects. I think that people use the Internet more and more for everything from entertaiment to research. In short the Internet is important and wonderful.

ponedeljek, 08. oktober 2007

About me

I'm Teja Černe and I come from Deskle. Deskle is near Kanal ob Soči. It's a small village near the river Soča. I love my village and for me it's the most beautiful village because I live in the suburban area.

I'm 21 years old and I have one sister. Her name is Anet. I finished Secondary School of Economics in Nova Gorica. During the weekend I work in a small pub. In my spare time I like being in nature. I have a dog at home because I really like animals. But also I like computers and that is why I'm here.